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Articles of Interest
  10/01/2020 - Epson's Buy 3, Get 1 Free, Sale is Back!
  08/29/2020 - Types of USB/ Thunderbolt Ports
  08/09/2020 - Computer Improvements?
  08/09/2020 - Epson Introduces New Service Plan Offerings
  07/26/2020 - Giclee Fine Art Prints in Washington, PA
  05/11/2020 - An Interesting Article About Printers and Ink
  04/20/2020 - Epson Multifunction Printers Help You to Work from Home
  04/01/2020 - The Harry Guckert Co. - Supplying Area Printers Since 1812
  03/26/2020 - If You Leave Your Epson Printer at Work
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Epson's Buy 3, Get 1 Free, Sale is Back!


Buy 3 packages or rolls of Epson Signature Worthy and/ or Legacy media - and get reimbursed for the cost the least expensive item via mail-in rebate. Media includes Epson's Luster, Hot and Cold Press, most Epson canvas, all of the Legacy papers and more - in sheets and rolls. For complete details, please download the Epson rebate form for this promotion.

For a complete listing of eligible Epson Signature Worthy and Legacy media, please click this link. This offer is valid through October 31, 2020.

Types of USB/ Thunderbolt Ports

Ports on a typical new pc notebook: USB-C 3.2 Gen 1/DisplayPort (Power Delivery); USB 3.2 Gen 1 (PowerShare); USB 3.2 Gen 1; USB 2.0. Ports on a 7 year old pc notebook: 2 x USB 2.0; 2 x USB 3.0; USB 2.0/eSATA. Ports on a new Apple MacBook Pro: 4 x USB-C 3.1 Gen 2, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort.

Our Guide to Ports

USB Type A: also known as USB standard A connector, the USB A connector is primarily be used on host controllers in computers and hubs. USB-A socket is designed to provide a "downstream" connection intended for host controllers and hubs, rarely implemented as an "upstream" connector on a peripheral device.

USB Type B: also known as USB standard B connector, the B style connector is designed to connect to USB peripherals, such as a printer, upstream port on hub, or other larger peripheral devices.

USB Micro B-1: the micro USB B connector essentially a scaled down form of the mini USB which allowed mobile devices to get slimmer while still maintaining the ability to connect to computers and other hubs.

USB 3.0 Micro B: also referenced as the SuperSpeed Micro USB B connector, this connector stacks five more pins on the side of the USB 2.0 Micro B connector to achieve the full USB 3.0 standard data transfer speed. USB 3.0 Micro B connectors are found on hard drives, digital cameras, cell phones, and other USB 3.0 devices.

USB 3.0 Type A (USB 3.2 Gen 1): inheriting the same design to the A-Type connector used in USB 2.0 & USB 1.1 application, USB 3.0 A is also provides a "downstream" connection that is designed for use only on host controllers and hubs. It has a maximum throughput of 5Gbps.

USB 3.0 Type B: the USB 3.0 B-Type connector is designed for USB peripherals, such as a printer, upstream port on hub, or other larger peripheral devices.

USB Type C or USB 3.1 (USB 3.2 Gen 2): the USB-C or USB Type-C connector is the newest USB interface came to the market along with the new USB 3.1 standard. USB Type C connector is compatible with USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 signals.

Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt 1 (10Gbps) and Thunderbolt 2 (20Gbps) support bi-directional data transfer capability and power delivery for bus-powered devices.

Thunderbolt 3: Fully compatible with your USB 3.2 Gen 2 devices. The Thunderbolt 3 USB-C cable supports data transfer rates up to 40Gbps when connected to a Thunderbolt 3 device, enabling lightning fast performance. When connected to a USB C device, this cable supports rates of 20Gbps.

Computer Improvements?

New Apple 27 inch iMac:

From appleinsider.com: The latest update to the 27-inch iMac included the T2 chip, which handles encryption and security on the computer. Because the SSD is fixed to the logic board for hardware encryption, changing the logic board will erase all data on the drive, and changing the drive is impossible for the same reason.

Our take: just like the MacBook Pros, etc. the SSD is soldered to the logic board. If there is a problem with the board, the user will more than likely loose all of their data - just like with the MacBook Pros. And, if the drive fails or you outgrow it's storage capabilities, replace the computer, not just an inexpensive drive. There is plenty of room inside of the iMac for a mount for the drive. This is a definite attack on serviceabilty and upgradeability.

HP ZBook FireFly:

Taking a play from the Apple playbook, the new HP FireFly 14 has two interesting features: provided memory is soldered and not upgradeable, and there are only a few ports (and no LAN port). It's actually heavier than the equivalent HP EliteBook, so why did they sacrifice upgeadeability and flexability - to force a quicker upgrade to a new computer?

Lenovo ThinkPad T495S:

Another notebook taking a play from the Apple playbook, the Lenovo ThinkPad T495S has soldered memory, so don't outgrow the amount of memory that it is included at purchase (do applications get larger memory appetites as time moves forward?).

Epson Introduces New Service Plan Offerings

Epson has introduced new service plan offerings to protect their professional imaging printers. These plans can be used to get up to 5 years of warranty coverage for these printers. Click this link to download a flyer describing these new service plans.

Giclee Fine Art Prints in Washington, PA

World West Galleries

"When Peter West was a boy in the mid-1960s, he would be ferried into downtown Washington for classes led by artist Frank L. Melega, which would then sometimes be followed by a hamburger and a movie.", a quote from an article in the Washington Observer Reporter describing an exhibit at the gallery.

Mr. West had an extensive background in art that includes painting, photo silk screen reproduction and photography. And, he will produce Giclee prints of your artwork in his gallery/ studio. His services are available by appointment - 56 N Main St, Washington, PA 15301, phone: 724-225-4663.

An Interesting Article About Printers and Ink

Bloomberg Businessweek recently had an interesting article about HP's printer business and the attempted take over by Xerox:

Xerox and HP are in a $35 Billion Fight Over Ink Cartridges

Some of the highlights:

"Stuffed with foam sponges drenched in a fraction of an ounce of cyan, magenta, and yellow dyes, this bestseller, model No. F6U61AN#140, can spray 36,000 drops per second in the Envy printers made by HP Inc. The 63 Tri-color cartridge may not look like much, but that ink, which needs a refill every 165 pages, is ridiculously valuable. HP’s printer supplies business garnered $12.9 billion in sales last year, and the printer division overall represented 63% of the company’s profits."

"Then there was the ink. The solvents and pigments HP scientists concocted were so overpriced that the company could afford to sell its hardware at steep losses and make it up in ink and toner sales."

"...the executive team spent a significant portion of its research and development budget on stopping product lines from wasting microscopic amounts of ink, or on ways to make its printers less compatible with other companies’ cartridges."

"A critical mass of fed-up customers finally seemed to be sick enough of HP’s high cartridge prices to try generic ink resellers or, in some cases, counterfeiters. Weisler [former HP CEO] vowed to fight off the other ink producers, and later, the company said it would stop discounting certain pricey printer lines and make sure the deep-discount models couldn’t use non-HP ink."

It seems that Epson has realized that their customers aren't necessarily happy with inexpensive printers and outrageously expensive ink. Our review of their work from home printers shows how they have evolved to help their customers with more affordable printers and ink:

Epson Multifunction Printers Help You to Work from Home.

We try to add the "Cost Per Copy" figures to desktop printers listed on our website so that you have an idea of what the printer will cost over time. If you are a low volume user, a less expensive printer with more expensive ink might be a good choice. For high volume printing, a more expensive printer with less expensive ink might be better.

Epson Multifunction Printers Help You to Work from Home

We've put together a list of multifunction inkjet printers that are affordable and have a reasonably low operating cost. From our review, these Epson printers are less expensive to operate than other brands. And, since they are heat free technology inkjets, the added demand and cost of electricity is also lower than comparable printers.

Epson Work From Home Multifunction Printers starting at $100.39:

Workforce Pro EC-4030 - $123.99.
Approximate cost per black page: 2.8 cents, color page: 9.1 cents (see product link for more information).
Workforce Pro EC-4040 - $136.99.
Approximate cost per black page: 2.8 cents, color page: 9.1 cents (see product link for more information).
Workforce Pro WF-C5710 - $143.99.
Approximate cost per black page: 2.1 cents, color page: 6.8 cents (see product link for more information).
Workforce Pro WF-C5790 - $206.99.
Approximate cost per black page: 2.1 cents, color page: 6.8 cents (see product link for more information).
Workforce ST-2000 - $213.99.
Approximate cost per black page: 0.4 cents, color page: 1.0 cents (see product link for more information).
Workforce Pro WF-M5799 monochrome multifunction - $226.99.
Approximate cost per black page: 0.7 cents (see product link for more information).
Workforce ST-4000 - $299.99.
Approximate cost per black page: 0.4 cents, color page: 1.0 cents (see product link for more information).

For a listing of these printers, click this link. Note: offers are subject to model availability.

The Harry Guckert Co. - Supplying Area Printers Since 1812

In honor of April 1, 2020, we would like to feature a well-established Pittsburgh based printing industry supply company - The Harry Guckert Company. You can find information about them at this link. They've been serving tri-state area printers as long as we can remember, and they deserve our support. And, the offer of free toilet paper is probably part of the April 1st tradition.

If You Leave Your Epson Printer at Work

Epson just released a long term storage guide for their SureColor wide format printers. Click this link to download this guide.

Work from Home


We Are Still Shipping Orders

During the Coronavirus shutdown in Pennsylvania, tastarsupply will still be shipping orders. Our offices will be closed, but our inventory of Epson ink and paper is at a reasonable level, and, in conjunction with our suppliers, we should be able to ship your orders. You can use our Contact Us page to send us a note, or can phone us during normal business hours.

We hope that everyone is cautious and remains healthy through this difficult period. Thank you.

Epson Is Discontinuing Legacy Baryta Paper

Effective March 1, 2020, Epson will be discontinuing their current Legacy Baryta paper. If you have been using this paper, we still have a few rolls and sheets in stock. Click this link for a list of Epson Baryta that is still available at tastarsupply.

Epson will be introducing a new Baryta paper with the same wide color gamut and rich Dmax but without OBAs on a cotton fiber vs alpha cellulose base in sizes up to 60 inches wide. Legacy Baryta II shipping date is projected to be the second quarter of 2020.

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